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Welcome to WebScale, dedicated to helping you get your webpages into shape! Get fit by taking out those broken links - slim down by cleaning out unused images or recompressing the ones that are weighing you down. All of the tools on WebScale are free to use as often as you like, whether your website is already up and running or you would like to check out something you're currently working on.

Available Tools

Site Timer allows you to analyze some of the most critical aspects of webpage performance. You can easily find out how long it takes for a dialup modem user to get your page, check all the graphical links to ensure they're correct, even take a look at your servers HTTP headers and more! Everything is done online, so you don't need to install or configure any special software, just click on the Site Timer link, enter the webpage URL, and away you go!

Engine Viewer is built off of the core of a search engine harvester (spider). What this means is you can view your webpage in the same way a search engine does, from how it breaks down the HTML, to which links it extracts, how it interprets your robot exclusion rules and more! Since a large percentage of most websites traffic comes from search engine results, it's now more important than ever to understand better how webpages are dissected and indexed.